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router icon ip adress router means the control panel address of your device so that you can access your modem device by fully authorized. Nearly, all the modem producer companies install up to date software to their modem devices to access them easily and rapidly. If there occurs any internet connection failure, Installed software allows the users accessing control panel of the device easily, checking and modifying the device settings as their wishes, also. And most companies have a phone line to help you to solve your problem.

What Can Be Done With This Ip?

When you enter the ip address:, you will access to your electronic network, with the full authorization right. You can make the necessary repairs and adjustments within the framework of the features and options offered by the modem software to your device. By accessing the control panel of the device, you can modify DNS, PROXY, Network Management, WLAN (WIFI), WAN, LAN, Protocol Options, NAT, Virtual Server and all related basic settings.

How To Enter The Address

To access the control panel of your modem device, it is enough to enter the address: with a web browser.
Go to Router Panel
If you want to enter easily you can copy and paste or write the ip address manually to your internet browser’s address bar. Better, click the ip button from our website. The most common failure, in this process, is the incorrect password attempts made by the users.

What if you forget your password and what can you do in that situation?

Do not panic, it is easy to get rid of the problem by using reset button on the device. The button is small sized thing that is mostly located behind panel of the device, where network and power cables connected on. You need to use a toothpick or a needle to switch the button.

Default Router Login Password List
BrandLogin IP AddressUsernamePassword
Comcast/Xfinity admin password
Comcast/Xfinity admin admin
Comcast/Xfinity admin password